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December 7, 2018

Like mildew on leather

I was musty with trust

That antecedent

Precursive verse –

Of the unknown:

We laughed, I was laughing

Weathering busty stances

A rocking horse

A silhouette

The shadows danced

As shadows do

Must settling

Trust too

Like angel dust

On every surface.


December 2, 2018

A construct of exchange is in my pocket

They say it burns a hole and so it seems

It scorches the landscape of my fingers

And as I deftly touch count the amount

Of loose change I have for an ‘avo’ on toast’

I come across a scene you couldn’t dream of.

And I realise that I revere this evil curse,

But even worse, that I’ve failed to see,

You cannot return wood to a tree.






Six Pack

November 28, 2018

A six pack of Canadians

On the side of the road

One can out and open

He gently lays it down

And straightens to walk

With an uneasy swagger

His tobacco red fingers

On tobacco grey beard

And on his face anger

I grudgingly approach

And our eyes meet

So I nod and he smiles

His faint strength shames

Me and my passive evasion.

Gluons in a Car Park

November 24, 2018

Your hand outstretched against my breast as we brake too fast:

My fist clenches just the way you hate it-

As I stare at the approaching distance.

‘Don’t do that’ you ask, so my grasp loosens.

I shift gaze and lean into you as best I can,

To tell you about gluons mediating forces between quarks.

You let me tell you that these gluons are inside you, inside me…

The fabric of the multiverses:

I tell you this will be the answer to everything,

Everything, I emphasise against your doubting,

Life, death, and every being.

I wonder how it explains love,

As you ‘Sydney’ park outside of Aldi,

And as we stack bags into the boot,

I brush my hand against your little finger,

And I still think you might hate me,

As I undertake to trust you soon.

But soon has now been decades coming,

And I keep trying agains the odds.

So now with this soft touch of your finger,

As it lingers still I reckon I feel

The exchange of a very strong force:

Love gluons between quarks,

Between you and me,

In an Aldi car park.

Southern Expressway

November 10, 2018

I drive under Sugar Bush road

Blasting songs of the unrequited

And passing by the Honey Pot

I flick through Spotify until 

Doe Paoro sounds about right –

 her pulse of rhythmic bass/

 love lyrics tethering me to

this place that sounds 

of waves and smells

of salt and dust 

and tastes of long nights

and good mates 

and feels hot like the

sun that strokes my face

through the window of this hire car.



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