Like mildew on leather I was musty with trust That antecedent Precursive verse – Of the unknown: We laughed, I was laughing Weathering busty stances A rocking horse A silhouette The shadows danced As shadows do Must settling Trust too Like angel dust On every surface.


A construct of exchange is in my pocket They say it burns a hole and so it seems It scorches the landscape of my fingers And as I deftly touch count the amount Of loose change I have for an ‘avo’ on toast’ I come across a scene you couldn’t dream of. And I realise […]

Six Pack

A six pack of Canadians On the side of the road One can out and open He gently lays it down And straightens to walk With an uneasy swagger His tobacco red fingers On tobacco grey beard And on his face anger I grudgingly approach And our eyes meet So I nod and he smiles […]

Southern Expressway

I drive under Sugar Bush road Blasting songs of the unrequited And passing by the Honey Pot I flick through Spotify until  Doe Paoro sounds about right –  her pulse of rhythmic bass/  love lyrics tethering me to this place that sounds  of waves and smells of salt and dust  and tastes of long nights and […]