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Real Australians (un)Learn


What did we learn in our shit public high schools? It wasn’t all fun, but it was fun for sure. I remember crying with laughter, harassing teachers to the point of tears, wagging, smoking on the oval. I come from Bogan, I am Bogan, so I feel rightfully placed to tell my fellow Bogans this: for all your “fuck of we’re full” bullshit, you are fools. U.N.L.E.A.R.N. That’s a reference to a film you should see called Higher Learning. You need to. I’m not gonna hold your hand here, if this was an argumentative essay and you were handing it in to that teacher, the young blonde you had  crush on, the old one who was almost retired, the one who despaired at the hopelessness of your collective fate (and I include me in that), you would EPICALLY FAIL. Your logic is flawed, full of holes, and basically absent. You are making assumptions, unjustified, and based in hate. Grow your brains and stop embarrassing us people of the lesser educated world. Preach kindness so that the world understands we are actually rough diamonds, lovely, kind, whimsical and funny. Be the Bogan’s I always thought we would grow up to be: Decent.

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The Year of Good Men 2014. Live Life Without Regrets.

I rarely post on WordPress. I apologise to die hard yahoo/wordpress people. I am southside – you know, google/gmail. Such a divide.  So 2014 heads towards 2015 now and I reflect on some good, decent men who made a difference in this world and left it in our hands, this year.

1. Allen Martin – the man who got Ventolin on the Medicare pharmaceutical list, and steamrolled out submissions on things that really mattered to people in dire need. You wouldn’t know because he never bragged. He just did it.  He founded the Victorian Brain Injury Recovery Association and was a genuine decent human.

2. Ben Naz – the one and only Guerrilla artist who lived life without regrets, and championed principles of equality, fairness and truth. He truly was and is, Manila’s finest. He gave many in the street art community a feeling of solidarity and reminded us of what matters, and why.

3. Gough Whitlam – 21st Prime Minister of Australia – the man who gave us Medicare. He believed in the rights of the Indigenous traditional owners of this land we live in. He gave us legal aid. He gave us an awareness of what equality is. There has never been another like him.

4. William Wood Cullen – My Uncle Bill – by his own description, he was a laborer. A fighter in his youth with regret in later years, but he came from Springburn, Glasgow, where razor gangs bumped up against survival daily. He was kind, decent, principled and pragmatic. He was my Dads keeper, his best friend and confidant. He could croon, recite the International call of Marxism and every line of Tam O’Shanter.

Dad and Bill