Don’t feed the dog

If you animated grief I reckon it would be one of those dogs on the beach in Thailand. The kind that hobble along a few meters behind you, and sleep at the window while you relax in your air conditioned, German owned, ‘nouveau riche’ Thai operated concrete Villa. He would be the one you made eye […]


I am told I need to slow down I know it is true But then I open the milk It spills: spilt milk I chuckle, clean it up, Throw the cloth at the sink Stretch the milk tepid-frothy See I made a shit coffee Throw it and start over Yes I should slow down I […]

What it is

It is: The frayed edges, The loose ties, The settled dust On unfinished …Stuff. It is the niggling, Other doubting, Ever present In the room. The unforgotten. It is the pillow That I place Over my face. It is the cotton Damp from tears, The pearls of fear, Around my neck. The sober fight. The longest […]