Miss Otis

What if we say goodbye  For the last time today? What if you stay Over there to decay? While I am here Dining without you ? What if I chase you And you stay, this day And we don’t sleep And I keep you With me?  What if Miss Otis Lunches on And we dont […]

Don’t feed the dog

If you animated grief I reckon it would be one of those dogs on the beach in Thailand. The kind that hobble along a few meters behind you, and sleep at the window while you relax in your air conditioned, German owned, ‘nouveau riche’ Thai operated concrete Villa. He would be the one you made eye […]

The last removal day.

I’m at the Plaza. The place he proclaimed visitation with like an accomplishment: “i went to the Plaza”. The same intonation he has when he looks at me and says “my daughter”. Gloria Jeans and raisin toast make me feel like they are with me. Dad and Bill. Matching bonnets. Slightly different accents. Arguing about details of the day Dad failed as lookout. This is the last removal day.