The largest number has threes To the powers of threes And takes four goes To hit seven trillion The smallest number divided To the largest power Must take no time at all […]

Digital Negative

In private spaces Are stacked high piles Of smiles On peoples faces That don’t make sense In past or present Tense Intense denial Of vile penetration Subserving perversion Distorting proportion Digital negatives […]


My daughter got me into this Catfish TV series. Being a movie freak of course I had already seen the docudrama. People meet online. Strike up a bond. Transfer onto each unmet […]

I don’t need it 

Because woman aren’t pretty and men aren’t superheroes  Because men look hot showing leg Because we deface the image of men  And listen to the voices of women Because we ridicule […]

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Renee Verona

“ There is no world without Verona, but purgatory, torture, hell itself. ” – Romeo & Juliet – Act III, Scene III, Verse XVII