Ah Margaret…#facepalmemoji

Trust a bigot to get me writing again. Hi, how have you been? So Margaret Court, hey? What the fuck???? I have to say, this is not going to be a rant of outrage, I actually feel sorry for her. First, she thinks her ‘frequent flying’ haul has some kind of pull and will cause […]

I am sorry

Life is heavy at the moment, in terms of war, discrimination, racism, Islamaphobia, terrorism, mass shootings, media representation, and in the background of what has always been there: inequality. Inequality of race, gender, gender identity, identity, class, education and circumstance. People who have the interest and opportunity to study the trailblazers can explain this to […]

Share if you agree

I must critique my  place to share the following thoughts before I share at all.  I acknowledge that my insights will not cure me of my post-modern, post-existential, posting compulsions. I am also acutely aware that I am as much the subject of this post as anyone reading it.  I also need to preface this […]

Like Candy for Cherry Blossum

They approach trends the achingly polite way they would any transaction, with norms and custom. It seems that this is how it is possible to fetishise America without breaking tradition. Sweet rebellion, without the rebel.  

 It’s a loose embrace. Like a nun spraying FYG because she likes the colour of the paint. It is not a bear hug. That would be Australian.  

 It is as if seeds of US patriotism were planted alongside courage such that the rebuilt Nation mistook candy for cherry blossom.  

 The irony drinks Plum wine from a beer glass and raises a toast to the culture that slapped them down, picked them up, and told them it was time to move on. Preferably on foot, wearing Converse and Levi Strauss.

The Year of Good Men 2014. Live Life Without Regrets.

I rarely post on WordPress. I apologise to die hard yahoo/wordpress people. I am southside – you know, google/gmail. Such a divide.  So 2014 heads towards 2015 now and I reflect on some good, decent men who made a difference in this world and left it in our hands, this year.

1. Allen Martin – the man who got Ventolin on the Medicare pharmaceutical list, and steamrolled out submissions on things that really mattered to people in dire need. You wouldn’t know because he never bragged. He just did it.  He founded the Victorian Brain Injury Recovery Association and was a genuine decent human.

2. Ben Naz – the one and only Guerrilla artist who lived life without regrets, and championed principles of equality, fairness and truth. He truly was and is, Manila’s finest. He gave many in the street art community a feeling of solidarity and reminded us of what matters, and why.

3. Gough Whitlam – 21st Prime Minister of Australia – the man who gave us Medicare. He believed in the rights of the Indigenous traditional owners of this land we live in. He gave us legal aid. He gave us an awareness of what equality is. There has never been another like him.

4. William Wood Cullen – My Uncle Bill – by his own description, he was a laborer. A fighter in his youth with regret in later years, but he came from Springburn, Glasgow, where razor gangs bumped up against survival daily. He was kind, decent, principled and pragmatic. He was my Dads keeper, his best friend and confidant. He could croon, recite the International call of Marxism and every line of Tam O’Shanter.

Dad and Bill