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I changed my profile pic for you to notice, but I don’t reckon you did They did tho, 27 likes and I am smiling bright, you’re a dog and I’m a kid And I’m running down the hill, to you, and crowds are cheering.

Originally posted on the Fitzroy Flasher:
In private spaces Are stacked high piles Of smiles On peoples faces That don’t make sense In past or present Tense Intense denial Of vile penetration Subserving perversion Distorting proportion Digital negatives Of how I see me But cannot be. In private spaces are stacked high piles of smiles…

i seem to have run out of things to say about Street Art in Fitzroy. Have we ridden that wave to its natural sand sodden end? Will we need to wait for the next seven big ones, tread water and blow salty snot out of our stinging nostrils? Enough metaphor. Pictures. 

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