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I have-nae seen that reflection Not yet – it is bucket listed Somewhere above the Greek Islands But below retirement – “Reflection” Imagery for the weak? Sunset and your face in my Mirrored glasses ? Too obvious, is-nae? Well what about A Norfolk pine in puddles Formed on the potted asphalt Road where fog descends …

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I underestimated this ordinary day in December 2014. His brother had been gone a week or two. His soul mate really, soul twin, the ‘other’ that grounded his 80 year life. He fell asleep after the Eulogy, a speech he gave without prompt or pause. The grand speech of his life. He had clawed himself …

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You (em)brace me Like a scaffold Of crimson glory Caressing the brick wall In that laneway The one with the cool art And the soft heart.

Remember when ‘politics’ Meant debate about Trickle down economics And your foe was just A decent capitalist Yearning for the dollar Less of a fan, of course Of a social welfare state But still your mate A human on the other side Of a reasonable divide.

I am so small And drowning In massive waves That will crush me If they break while I stand naked In backlit honesty Stained from a day That toiled, swords drawn With my tender heart And spoiled my hair When I sweated cold With stomach knotted And gritted my teeth And shut my eyes Breathing …

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She tells me she thinks horizontally: An ‘aha’ moment for this vertical thinker. She says it is another reason we should not be together, So I point out evolutionary theory or genetics, Or some paper I read once about pheromones And how our kids would cover the axis (Centre line aligned). Opposites attract for a …

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The dusty air Is warm My throat is dry And you and I We’re in overalls On the bank Of an ancient river Waiting for rain That we can smell Waiting … For so long we Start talking tall Of sea creatures Anemones Sounds like Enemies We collapse Laughing To unforgiving earth As rain falls …

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Tears tease my face – Pressed into my hand – Propped by an elbow On a window frame. Cars pass steadily as Dandenong Rd comes and goes like an old mate Familiar but much changed. Arriving early – I take in the stillness And silence – The smell of the heat wave the creaking pews …

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Science Simplified

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