Last Encounters

I was looking at her. I said I think I may be having a heart attack. She told me it was anxiety. She said she had Googled it. I believed her, there had been many nights of broken sleep and high heart rates. No seriously I said, my chest hurts. My throat hurts. And no, […]

Miss Otis

What if we say goodbye  For the last time today? What if you stay Over there to decay? While I am here Dining without you ? What if I chase you And you stay, this day And we don’t sleep And I keep you With me?  What if Miss Otis Lunches on And we dont […]

Don’t feed the dog

If you animated grief I reckon it would be one of those dogs on the beach in Thailand. The kind that hobble along a few meters behind you, and sleep at the window while you relax in your air conditioned, German owned, ‘nouveau riche’ Thai operated concrete Villa. He would be the one you made eye […]

Be Like

To follow my speculative post at new years, let’s talk about toxic people in modern times. The kind of people who have an opinion about everything you say or do, and usually, it is a critical one. The people who feel it is acceptable to tell you they hate your friends, or find your partner’s […]