Sometimes I go to this page and then get excited to see others have been looking. Until I realise those hits represent me. Other times I share a little too much, like telling an unknown audience that I sometimes mistake myself for an anonymous reader.


If you have made it through that initial statement, you deserve more detail. I am the Fitzroy Flasher. Known also as Flash, Flasher, Fitz, Fitzroy, Titsroy  Flasher, Flashy and Lord Flashington. That is a lot of names, but I am a lot of things. I take photos of street art and graffiti in the inner north (mainly). I occasionally Urbex. I write poems. I get politically snarky. Some friends say I confuse my audience. But how can I when it is broad.

I am followed by academics, writers, political hacks, journos, graffiti writers, artists, vandals, anarchists, paint spotters, photographers, medical folks, students, fellow bloggers, family and friends. My name has even made it into a couple of publications. As a forward and as an aside, but I am working on it.

Hunt Coward

If you want to get political with me follow me on twitter. If graffiti and street art are your thing, catch me at thefitzroyflasher.blogspot.com. If you like art and dogs (yes, I am obsessed with one myself), then Instagram’s the place to follow me. If you want the underground shit that I did with Scam you need to know me well, and that shit is on Google plus under cloak and dagger. And yes, I quote Eminem. A lot. I do have Picasa, Tumblr and Flickr and if you are more interested in just the images (mainly street art and graffiti) then that’s where they all end up. Pinterest if you are a total dork like me. Lots of nerdism there.

Everyday objects

And finally, if you accidentally found me, what a coincidence, because this is my accidental site. I think this will focus on photography more broadly. Maybe some writing. Dunno. Let us see.


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