The dusty air

Is warm

My throat is dry

And you and I

We’re in overalls

On the bank

Of an ancient river

Waiting for rain

That we can smell

Waiting …

For so long we

Start talking tall

Of sea creatures


Sounds like


We collapse


To unforgiving earth

As rain falls



And life erupts

I grab your arm

And pull you to

Unsteady feet

We gasp for air

And kiss

Through water


Down our faces

Giddily we watch

Torrential chaos

And I swear


I see

Green limbs


And form Infinity

A sign

Are you seeing this?

Our eyes meet

This is how

Time stands still

And we are soaked

And belly laughing

As we are drawn

Like magnets

To touch

Brush hands

And we race the sunset

Like little kids

Running full pelt

Against time

and darkness falling.

Categories: Poetry

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