The top drawer metaphor

What is in yours? 

It’s a bit like show us your undies, 

Only more personal.

What’s in mine ? 

Hearing aid batteries

Shoe store  bookmark –

With a link to the website 

That you obviously cannot hyperlink

However, there is also an iPad 

Tucked away 10 minutes ago

By my  OCD lover. And wife

A heartcore bookmark

Advil and Ovale 

Band aids

Sony voucher

Fake Raybans 

Real Williamsburgs

A velocity card

VCAT order

Wrist brace

Eye masks 

Black pen

Orange nail polish

Red card: Kung Hei Fat Choi! 

(Prof Ziggy – Viggie I miss you)

USB cables

Phoenix catalogue

A visa debit card 

And I don’t know the pin

Antique parchment paper 

With a note from the dog walker

And a voucher for two: A buffalo escape

Endota spa massage cream


A myki card

Ear plugs

My script for those pills:

The ones that make me happy

Or less not happy 

Or do they even work? 

A tea light

A nail file

A green peg

A silver key

This is my top drawer- 

A chaotic metaphor 

For mine, and me.

Categories: Poetry

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