Month: September 2015

The Photographer.

I used to think he was just a photographer, like it was just a job he had before his strokes. But now I understand, he was a Photographer. This is a certain type of person. The type of person who races back into the house to grab their camera just in case there is something to shoot.

There it was

There it was: The salt spray Wind sweeping Moon shining Love making Moodiness Suffocating Us with giddy Anticipation In your hand And my mind A heaving ebb And tidal flow.


What do yours look like?  I see them talking to mine Laughing heartily at us Patting each other’s backs Glancing sideways to watch  As we rally against them. I wonder do they […]

I have recently returned to the comfortable and sickeningly easy life I have in Melbourne, Australia, from Palembang, Indonesia. I am slightly shell shocked by the experience, slightly poisoned by the smoke […]

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