the narcissistic death Fantasy 

What insecurity has catapulted me:

Past this, to this endless ‘that’?

From there, to how’s my hair?

And did you see me travel past ?

You know that I flew business class!

And do you see me run so fast? 

I was the best, the most, the first –

Neither blessed but cursed:

And you, the past – the last! 

Roll out the red carpet, snap-

Instagram the silver chariot,

The mahogany and white roses;

The single tear left on their noses.

And when they ‘like’, count them –

Count them right to my grave:

And you will hear them cheer,

And you will see them wave –

And nothing else will matter

Because for all that this life is,

Fast forward and reverse:

  • pause to post that-

I was here and   

Watched you mourn.

And I think that I detected envy 

  • A little bit –

As you drank up the sweet razzle 

Dazzle of my Paparazzi hearse. 

Categories: Poetry

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