Dear Self and Other

Dear Self and Other

I was a little surprised when you (I) actually voiced that you (we) would do this Dry July thing. Having witnessed failure at every previous attempt I assumed one pass out would turn into a month passed out. Well, not quite, you do usually throw up before you get to that point.

So here you are, half way through it, wondering if you might just give total sobriety a go for a wee while. Fair enough. I don’t know how I feel about that yet. Maybe if you lose some weight because of it, get some new threads at Bruce or even just notice the fat wad of cash still sitting in your bank account, I might start to get excited. 

I am not as surprised at how good it feels to raise money for the Andrew Love cancer centre in Geelong. Well, at least to nominate that my collection goes to them. It does feel so self righteously great to give back. As is becoming so apparent to me as I career through to the middle of my ages, there is no escaping cancer. It is not only certain to affect you directly or affect someone you love, and hense equally you directly, it is certain to remain one of the biggest threats to our ongoing human reign on this planet. By reign of course I mean, our march towards self destruction. But hey, I do wish we could all be a part of that, without this noose around our necks. 

You can donate at Dry July (Flash’s July)

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