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Hard to title this one. It goes out to people who have had a brain injury. Mark Wearne, this is his quote.He had an aneurysm age 40. I was on the toilet when I found out: “you are fucking kidding me” were my first words.  What a journey, what a road. Anyway a couple of years on, life settling into a new and vastly different normal for his family, I attended a fundraiser for him. In a room packed full of people who adored him, a testament to this incredibly alive, outrageous character.

I bought my Dad a windcheater at the fundraiser. Dad’s in rehab, post stroke. I took it too him, and then explained the story. Dad can’t read anymore so I held the top up. and tracing with my finger I read out “I love you more than fish”. He had a piece of toast in hand, he hung his head a moment, and then laughed, and laughed and laughed: “I’ll wear it today” he said.


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