My daughter got me into this Catfish TV series. Being a movie freak of course I had already seen the docudrama. People meet online. Strike up a bond. Transfer onto each unmet other some incredible yet tenuous bond. Meet and discover, with heartbreak, that it was all a facade. That both sides in effect had simply held up a mirror to the other reflecting both the image of themselves they wanted to be seen, and the image of the other they wanted. The flattering projection of best me and best you.

Being a social media person and social commentator I always run the risk of being that catfish. So do most of you. I put a better foot forward if I can. I pump the image up a little. Maybe we all do. I don’t know. How many of us have met? More than once ? More than 3 times ? Other than at social media driven events ? Aren’t we all just projections and reflections ? 

what Chopper might have done with a kiddie fiddler

 Really, you don’t know me and I don’t know you. But somehow I say things you like to read. And some of you write, say and photograph things I like to see or read too. I have met some of you, I want to meet some more of you. The rest, I think we are ok as is.  Don’t ask don’t tell or we just might see how different we are.But for fear of wrecking the illusion you may or may not have of me I shall remain anonymous in the broader audience that I court. But to those I do meet, and those I know already, you know exactly who I am. Let’s leave it at that. Images from the month… Go fish… Hint I am always in the subtext …


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